Commercial Law

Commercial law & litigation

YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner are your trusted Adelaide commercial law specialists. Our dedicated team are committed to providing businesses with expert legal advice that safeguards your interests today and into the future.

Commercial Law

Whether you are a sole trader or head a corporation, YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner can guide you through the complexities of commercial agreements and transactions. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including the purchase and sale of businesses, drafting, negotiating contractual terms, advising on shareholder, franchise, joint venture, partnership, and employment agreements. We also specialise in business structuring and restructuring, trusts, property law, asset protection, incorporated associations, and intellectual property, including trademarks, patent protection, and copyright law.

At YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner, we strategically minimise your exposure to unnecessary risks enhancing your business’s overall health. Working closely with your accountant, we craft robust asset protection strategies, ensuring that your business is well-protected.

If you are starting a new venture, purchasing, or selling a business, or seeking to optimise your current operations, YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner is here to ensure that your legal affairs are handled with utmost care. We aim to prevent legal issues before they arise, saving you time and money, and providing flexible, optimal business structures.

Contact YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner today to secure your business’s future with expert legal guidance that speaks your language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right Adelaide lawyer to resolve your legal matters can be difficult. But at YLP – Your Legal Partner, we want to make it simpler by answering some of your commercial law questions.

Yes, legal advice is crucial when buying or selling a business to ensure you fully understand the transaction and its implications. Without expert guidance, you may unknowingly assume liabilities or miss out on potential benefits. Our experienced lawyers at YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner can provide personalised advice to minimise risks and maximise the advantages of your agreement.

Protecting your trademark is crucial because it safeguards the identity and reputation of your business, which directly impacts customer perception and your market presence. Trademarks are vital marketing tools that distinguish the quality and origin of your goods or services. By securing your trademark, you prevent competitors from exploiting your brand identity, which could potentially harm your business financially. At YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner, our experienced lawyers offer personalised, high-quality trademark advice to ensure your brand remains protected.

Your website is your online brochure and/or retail shop, which is why both you and the customer must understand and agree on the terms of the transaction. And both parties must be clear about how the information on your website will be used. Our highly experienced lawyers at YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner will provide you with advice in relation to your website terms and conditions and privacy policy, ensuring you reduce your liability and the likelihood of a dispute.

Yes, at YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner, we offer fixed-price options for preparing simple business documents. After understanding your specific needs through an initial discussion, our expert lawyers will provide you with a tailored quote. This personalised approach ensures that your legal matters are handled with the utmost attention to detail and commitment, aligning perfectly with your unique circumstances and ensuring the best possible outcome.

A discretionary trust (also commonly referred to as a family trust) is typically used within one family, allowing the trustee the flexibility to distribute the trust’s financial benefits annually at their discretion.

In contrast, a fixed unit trust is more suitable for business partnerships where two or more partners are involved. This type of trust specifies fixed percentages or shares for each beneficiary, mirroring a corporate structure. At YLP Legal – Your Legal Partner, our Adelaide lawyers excel in advising on the best trust type for your specific needs.

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