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Commercial Litigation

At YLP – Your Legal Partner, our Adelaide lawyers are highly experienced in both simple and complex litigation and dispute matters in both Federal and State jurisdictions, including:

– Contract and commercial disputes
– Corporations Act
– Consumer Affairs
– Partnership and company disputes
– Employment Law

We understand that disputes can be stressful and can place a significant burden on your life. Which is why we pride ourselves on thoroughly assessing matters so that we can advise you about your prospects of successfully defending, settling, or making a claim before litigation commences. Our expert lawyers at YLP – Your Legal Partner will assist, support, and advise you with the negotiation and litigation process to ensure you receive the best outcome for your specific situation.

Debt Recovery

At YLP – Your Legal Partner, we want a quick resolution to your debt recovery matter, thereby minimising your expenses and time spent resolving it. And our experienced, professional lawyers will assist and advise you in recovering any debt owing to you. We’ll also advise and support you in enforcing any debt recovery through repossession, bankruptcy, and/or liquidation.

And, if you’re on the receiving end of a debt collection claim, YLP – Your Legal Partner will advise you in assessing whether defending the claim will be cost-effective and provide you with the best outcome in your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right Adelaide lawyer to resolve your legal matters can be difficult. But at YLP – Your Legal Partner, we want to make it simpler by answering some of your commercial litigation, debt recovery, and criminal law questions.

Not necessarily. At YLP – Your Legal Partner, we advise you first to attempt to contact the debtor and make every effort to recover the owed debt, following any contractual terms that you entered into. But if you’re unable to recover the debt through this process, our highly experienced lawyers at YLP – Your Legal Partner will advise you regarding the next steps in the process.

The simple answer is yes. For civil and commercial claims, the Uniform Civil Rules 2020 outline a specific process that needs to be followed. This includes sending the debtor a pre-action letter containing specific information about the claim, seeking payment of the debt, and attaching various relevant documents. If you’re unable to resolve the dispute at the mandatory informal conference, then you can file your claim. And to ensure that you’re following the correct processes, our professional lawyers at YLP – Your Legal Partner will provide you with the best, most affordable advice.

At YLP – Your Legal Partner, we encourage you to explore alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and arbitration before filing a claim in court. Why? Because not only are the costs of alternative dispute resolution significantly less than the costs associated with court claims, but commercial settlements are far more likely. So, if you’d like further information about alternative dispute resolution processes, our highly experienced lawyers at YLP – Your Legal Partner will provide you with the advice you need.

Quite simply, a debt collector is engaged to recover a debt for a commission and is not generally legally qualified. On the other hand, lawyers can assist you with the recovery of a debt and any litigation that may follow. Rather than charging a commission, lawyers generally charge for time spent resolving a matter, which is different in each case. At YLP – Your Legal Partner, our lawyers are experts at assisting and supporting you in your debt recovery matter.

Once you’ve received a judgment, you then need to enforce this against the debtor. And depending on which court ordered the judgment, your options include:

– Issuing an investigation summons
– Issuing a creditor’s statutory demand against a company debtor
– Issuing a bankruptcy notice to an individual debtor
– Seeking a court order to file the judgment over real property owned by the debtor
– Seeking a warrant for the sale of the debtor’s property
So, to ensure that your court judgment is enforced and you recover the money owed to you, our expert lawyers at YLP – Your Legal Partner, will provide you with advice as to the best way to proceed in your personal circumstances.

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